23 Oct 2015

Sport: Fiji win Pacific hockey derby but Samoa see progress

12:24 pm on 23 October 2015

The Fiji men's hockey team maintained its winning run against Samoa, thrashing their Pacific neighbours 20-0 at the Oceania Cup in Taranaki.

Both teams were coming off heavy defeats against Australia and New Zealand respectively in the opening round.

Fiji led 13-0 at halftime with Leevan Dutta ending up with eight goals.

The Fiji men's hockey team at the Oceania Cup.

The Fiji men's hockey team at the Oceania Cup. Photo: Facebook / Fiji Hockey Federation

Australia's women's team were too strong for Samoa, running out 25-0 winners.

Despite the lop-sided scoreline, Samoa skipper Peta Mualia-Teo says her team showed improvement from the 31-0 loss against New Zealand on Wednesday.

"We looked through our mistakes and learnt from them and changed it into positives and just tried to play better against Australia. We obviously lifted our game from the previous game and it helped - especially for the young players it's a great experience to develop our youth players from Samoa and for the future".

The Samoa women's team will face a New Zealand selection on Saturday with the men up against world champions Australia.

The Fiji men face New Zealand in the final round, with the finals on Sunday.