2 Nov 2015

American Samoans urged to start small businesses

12:20 pm on 2 November 2015

American Samoans are being urged to start up small businesses, which are said to be the backbone of the economy.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, David Robinson, is calling for more Samoans to step up to the entrepreneurial plate.

He says the message from the young entrepreneurs is that it's difficult to break into business and there isn't always enough guidance there to help them progress.

But Mr Robinson says the Chamber stands ready to assist.

"The message is from the chamber that we are very keen on promoting young Samon entrepreneurs, and we will do anything we can with the resources of the chamber and whatever we can do, we will do to ensure that the backbone of our economy, which is small business, has a successful track record."

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Private enterprise is encouraged in American Samoa Photo: AFP

At the Chamber's 7th annual business awards, two young American Samoans won award categories of Young Business Person of the Year and New Business of the Year.