3 Nov 2015

Concerns Fiji squatters may sell land titles

7:47 am on 3 November 2015

A spokesperson from a community organisation in Fiji says he's concerned squatters who receive land titles from the government will eventually sell them and end up in other settlements.

Father Kevin Barr an advocate for those in the Suva's squatter settlements in his office.

Father Kevin Barr, an advocate for those in Suva's squatter settlements. Photo: RNZ / Philippa Tolley

Forty squatters from a settlement in Lautoka were given approval notices on Friday by the government to lease the land they occupy.

The notices now give them legal entitlement to an allocated section of land within their settlement.

Frank Bainimarama says the settlement, Field 40, was the first of 50 settlements in Fiji that would be regularised by the Lands Department.

Kevin Barr, from the People's Community Network, says he hopes the agreements also prohibit people from selling their land for a certain period of time.

"It's happened already here in a couple of other parts where government in past years, has given people the title to the land. And they've built a house and then after a few years they sell it off and get the money and they don't always go to a better situation."