6 Nov 2015

American Samoa Army station reopens after bomb scare

8:50 pm on 6 November 2015

The United States Army Reserve Centre in American Samoa has reopened after the detonation of what was originally thought to be unexploded ordinance.

A two member disposal team was flown to the territory yesterday to handle the detonation at the McConnell Dowell Quarry.

Lieutenant Colonel Clinton Seybold, of the American Samoa Army Reserve, says the device was X-rayed and found not to be a bomb, but they destroyed it anyway.

"It was a training round, an inert round, so it was not technically ordinance - it would not explode. But to be on the safe side the UOD team made sure by blocking two blocks of C-4 on the item, burying it under two feet of dirt and detonating it."

Clinton Seybold says the team searched the area for other devices but nothing was found.