PNG teachers' college closes early because of riots

5:08 pm on 14 November 2015

Balob Teachers College in Lae in Papua New Guinea's Morobe Province has shut down early for the 2015 academic year because of unrest on the city's streets.

The flag of Papua New Guinea.

The flag of Papua New Guinea. Photo: Supplied

Hundreds of unemployed youths rioted in Lae earlier this week.

The college's principal, Jerry Hendingao, says the decision was made to shut down early because of fear for the lives of the students.

The Post Courier reports that seventy five percent of the college's population are day students living off the campus.

Mr Hendingao says students were returning from study break to commence the final week of their examinations for the academic year, but classes had been disrupted by the protests.

He says students dependent on public transport were caught out when the PMV bus services were scaled back.

Mr Hendingao says there will be no graduation ceremony for the final year students.