19 Nov 2015

7.0 quake hits Solomons region

10:36 am on 19 November 2015

The US geological survey says a magnitude 7 quake hit the Solomon Islands region early this morning but there were no immediate reports of damage and no tsunami was expected.

The Solomon Island's national disaster office in the capital Honiara activated its emergency operation centre but had yet to receive any damage reports from communities close to the epicentre.

A national disaster office spokesman says the epicentre is approximately 220 kilometres to the west of Honiara and communication with communities within that area will be a challenge.

He says it will take time before the office can ascertain the extent of damage if there is any.

In the town of Gizo, around 150 kilometres east of the epicentre, residents reported a long tremor but no damage.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said no tsunami was expected.

A magnitude 7 quake hit the Solomons region.

A magnitude 7 quake hit the Solomons region. Photo: US Geological Survey