30 Nov 2015

Julie Alexander concerned about her safety says ex Fiji PM aide

5:23 pm on 30 November 2015

A woman who died at the weekend in Fiji was concerned for her safety and security after communication with the Fiji Rugby Union.

Fiji Rugby Logo

Fiji Rugby Logo Photo: Fiji Rugby

That's according to a Facebook user, Shailendra Raju, who was in touch with her late on Friday.

Julie Alexander was admitted to hospital on Saturday night and her death on Sunday has been classified as attempted suicide.

Mr Raju who was an aide to two former prime ministers of Fiji, says he offered support to Ms Alexander via Facebook on Friday evening.

He says she was worried about repeated threats against her amid a standoff with the Fiji Rugby Union over a rugby academy which she was setting up.

"She mentioned the internet service where she was residing was gone. Whether the authorities in Fiji (were) cutting her off, isolating her and threatened her to an extent that she took her own life. Those are the issues that the New Zealand government and the authorities in Fiji should clarify."

Facebook page of Julie Alexander

Facebook page of Julie Alexander Photo: Facebook