Marshalls' new senators the kingmakers of new government

6:42 am on 14 December 2015

A bloc of at least six new senators-elect in the Marshall Islands is positioning to control the outcome of the presidential election, scheduled to be carried out in parliament next month.

Marshall Islands voters went to the polls Monday to elect national and local leaders. In Majuro, thousands of voters got out to cast their votes early, with many of the polling stations busy from 7am opening time

Marshall Islands voters went to the polls on Monday to elect national and local leaders Photo: RNZI GIff Johnson

Last month's election saw the most significant change in parliament in decades, with 14 out of 33 seats changing hands.

This means that neither the current government of President Christopher Loeak, nor the opposition KEA group, commands a majority needed to elect a president and form a government.

The bloc of six young first-time senators-elect calling itself the "Solid Six" is positioning itself to be kingmakers to form a coalition government.

One of the senators-elect, Alfred Alfred Junior says reform is the centrepiece of the group's agenda, and this will drive their choice for who it sides with to form a new government.