Rain in PNG's Chimbu eases some drought concern

4:28 pm on 14 December 2015

The governor of Papua New Guinea's Chimbu Province, Noah Kool, says there has been steady rain over the past week and he hopes the drought threat there is easing.

Papua New Guinea Highlands affected by drought.

Papua New Guinea Highlands affected by drought. Photo: Supplied

Chimbu and other Highlands provinces have borne the brunt of the bad weather with earlier frosts killing gardens and a subsequent lack of rain stalling the replanting.

The drought, brought on by the El Nino, is threatening the wellbeing of millions of people across PNG, Vanuatu, Tonga and Fiji.

But Mr Kool says in Chimbu they have had consistent rain over the past week, although food aid will be required by people in Chimbu for some time.

"People are really struggling, but because in Papua New Guinea, you know, we rely on wantok system and things like that, people can move around and get relief from their wantoks, from their families who are in paid jobs. At least they are relieving them - in a big way."

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