17 Dec 2015

Nauru government lawyers branded 'disgraceful'

3:52 pm on 17 December 2015

A Nauru opposition MP says the government has a vendetta and has derailed legal attempts for an elected MP to get his passport back.

Mathew Batsiua, who is among four MPs charged in relation to a protest in June, says Roland Kun is the victim of a vindictive attack by the Justice Minister David Adeang.

Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua.

Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua. Photo: Supplied

Last week Mr Kun's six-month long process in the courts came to an end with the court throwing out his application for being out of time.

Mr Batsiua says the government's lawyers have used their legal prowess to abuse the system and ensure Mr Kun has no other avenue to leave the country and see his family.

"An elected representative of Nauru, his passport has been cancelled for no reason, there are no charges. And the legal team for the government that was against Mr Kun in court over the last few months, have been disgraceful."

Mathew Batsiua rubbished comments by a recent observer group who said the rule of law in Nauru is intact.

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