7 Jan 2016

Nauru police say alleged sex assault of six year old taken seriously

2:41 pm on 7 January 2016

Police on Nauru say they are taking the investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a six-year-old refugee seriously, despite criticism from the girl's family.

The perpetrator was said to have been caught in the act by her parents, but that the man was yet to be arrested or charged.

The girl's father hit out at what he said was lack of action by Nauru authorities, and questioned differing police approaches to crimes involving locals or refugees.

But in a statement, police say suggestions that the investigation is not moving fast enough are incorrect and unhelpful, and that police are following due process and normal procedure.

While refusing to provide details of the investigation, police say the alleged victim and family are from the refugee community, and no Nauruan national is believed to be involved.

It says investigators are continuing to take statements from many people.