29 Jan 2016

Aims for biodegradable bags noted in PNG

1:50 pm on 29 January 2016

There's a need for proper technology to support PNG's ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags, says Papua New Guinea's Environment Minister.

John Pundari said the government is serious about phasing in usage of bags which can biodegrade as efficiently as possible.

The ban has been nominally in place for several years but now it appears that it's finally being implemented.

PNG's Conservation and Environment Protection Authority recently has told companies and industries operating locally that they must comply with the ban or face prosecution.

Mr Pundari says the huge amount of solid waste from plastic bags which litters PNG's marine environment is a concern.

"And it's one of the challenges at the present time that we need the technology that we can be able to test and see if the biodegradable plastic bags imported to our country can degrade faster and at the rate we would want them to degrade."

The Environment Minister John Pundari.