3 Feb 2016

Niue broadcaster in trouble over repeat programs

2:13 pm on 3 February 2016

Niue's public broadcaster has come under attack in the island's legislature for excessive repeats and a lack of diversity in its programming.

This comes just two months after the Niue government revealed plans to rebrand and upgrade the island's TV services.

But MP Terry Coe said there are widespread concerns about poor programming and lawmakers want changes made.

"We are getting a lot of repeats of different programmes, like put on the Friday, on Saturday and then again on the Monday. We see that there is no need for that because we have got New Zealand programmes that we can get, we have got BBC we can get and also from the ABC in Australia."

Terry Coe said the legislature has called on the cabinet to act.

In November the Niue government said Niue will become the first Pacific nation to offer more than four television channels when it switches on 12 UHF channels later this month.