11 Feb 2016

Education outcomes in French Pacific wanting

2:13 pm on 11 February 2016

The French court of auditors says the education outcomes in the French Pacific territories are inadequate, given the large funds disbursed by the state.

It said in a report for 2014 that in New Caledonia, France spent almost 11,900 US dollars per child and year and in French Polynesia, the figure was just over 9,200 dollars.

The report said the allocation in mainland France was just under 8,700 dollars.

It noted that despite the funding 35 percent of students in French Polynesia and 20 percent in New Caledonia leave school without any qualification or diploma.

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The drop-out rate in France is 10 percent.

The court said to improve the situation, governance should be improved and simplified.

France almost 500 primary and 120 secondary schools in the two territories.