23 Mar 2016

Vandalism cuts Futuna phone and TV

2:19 pm on 23 March 2016

A police investigation has been opened in Wallis and Futuna into the destruction of technical infrastructure that has cut mobile phone and television services on Futuna.

The territory's broadcaster says complaints have been lodged by the phone company, the television company and the electricity provider after their installations in the north of Futuna were vandalised.

It says cables were severed and some equipment was shot at with a firearm.

It says the mobile phone service, which was only launched recently, will take some time to be restored.

The vandalism is believed to be linked to the installation of Sigave's new king earlier this month because of graffiti against a customary minister instrumental in the monarch's appointment.

The broadcaster says customary leaders have asked for the arrest of the alleged vandals whose identity is believed to be known to Sigave ministers.

One royal family earlier criticised the televised coverage of the king's installation.

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