6 Apr 2016

Mental disorders on the rise in Cook Islands

3:46 pm on 6 April 2016

An increasing number of mental health cases being treated in the Cook Islands, according to its Ministry of Health.

Its Director of Psychiatric Services, Dr Rangi Fariu, confirmed this when asked to comment on the number of mental disorder cases currently being referred to the Cook Islands High Court.

Mr Fariu is responsible for assessing mental health cases that go through the court, and gives recommendations for the court and the parole board.

He said most cases that appeared in court are matters involving patients who refused to take their medication or continue medical assessment by the hospital.

Mr Fariu said most mental health cases were people suffering from anxiety and depression.

He said the number of cases involving stress was also increasing.

Mr Fariu said there are no special homes on Rarotonga for mental health patients, but parents continued to take on the responsibility of providing for their mentally ill children.