10 May 2016

Norfolk business leader wants Canberra reforms delayed

7:35 am on 10 May 2016

The Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce says Australia's reforms will have a devastating impact and should be delayed, at least for a year.

Australia intends incorporating Norfolk Island into New South Wales at the end of next month after removing its self government a year ago.

Many Norfolk Islanders are opposed to the move and the island is seeking listing with the United Nations as a 'non-self governing territory.'

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Photo: Norfolk government

The head of the Chamber of Commerce, John Brown, said there is real doubt whether the Norfolk Island private sector can survive the impact of Canberra changes and they want them put off for a year.

"So that within that year there can be proper consultation, there can be proper cost benefit analyses, there can be proper economic planning, so that people can see either, that the changes will indeed be worthwhile, or that they are disastrous and should be shelved immediately," he said.

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