11 May 2016

Australian top official quits amid Norfolk protests

11:37 am on 11 May 2016
Norfolk Island Coat of Arms

Norfolk Island Coat of Arms Photo: None

Radio Norfolk reports that the CEO of the island's Australian administration, Jon Gibbons, has resigned with immediate effect.

The resignation is reported by the station's twitter account and gives no further details.

This comes as Australia intends incorporating Norfolk Island into New South Wales at the end of next month after removing its self-government a year ago.

Many Norfolk Islanders are opposed to the move and the island is seeking listing with the United Nations as a Non-Self Governing Territory.

There have been protests against Canberra's policies since late last month, with some residents calling for the resignation of the island's Australian administrator, Gary Hardgrave.

In a letter they accused him of misrepresenting their views to the people and government of Australia.

Norfolk Island Flag

Norfolk Island Flag Photo: None