19 May 2016

Sport: TASANOC hoping to adopt new constitution today

11:47 am on 19 May 2016

Tonga's Amateur Sports Association and National Olympic Committee will host an extraordinary General Assembly today where it intends to adopt a new constitution and by-laws.

Funding from the International Olympic Committee has been suspended since the middle of last year and in February TASANOC submitted amendements to a draft constitution, which were approved by Switzerland six weeks ago.

ONOC President Robin Mitchell.

ONOC President Robin Mitchell. Photo: ONOC

The President of the Oceania National Olympic Committee, Robin Mitchell, said Tonga has until the end of June to submit outstanding annual and financial reports, which would enable full IOC funding to resume.

"They're basically on track. It's run a little later than we had hoped by Tonga is doing ok, in the sense that we are now getting to the final stages of the administrative side of the programme. In terms of the reports, because they're World Programmes, they're quite unrelated to what's going on in terms of athlete development. Once those are reported then at the end of June those reports that haven't been accepted (by the IOC) then just deal with that."

Robin Mitchell said if TASANOC's reports are not full accepted by the IOC by the end of next month, their funding allocation will be deducted from Tonga's World Programme funding allocation.