23 May 2016

Vanuatu's UMP split with jailed Vohor still leading one faction

2:21 pm on 23 May 2016
Serge Vohor 2012

Serge Vohor Photo: Graham Crumb

Vanuatu's Union of Moderate Parties has emerged from a week of turbulence with two separate parties.

The long time UMP leader, Serge Vohor, who is in jail, was unhappy at being dumped and replaced by Jack Mariango of Tanna.

Mr Vohor's faction has declared that Mr Mariango has been suspended from the party for five years and named its own faction which will be headed by Mr Vohor.

Mr Vohor is one of 14 MPs in jail for bribery convictions.

He has led the UMP since 1982 but the Daily Post newspaper says the rift is likely to end up in court.