24 May 2016

Fiji academic says tech affects critical thinking

7:54 pm on 24 May 2016

An academic says the ability to think critically has declined in the region and advances in technology may be to blame.

The Director of Research Office at the University of the South Pacific, Jito Vanualailai, recently addressed a Fiji Principal's Association conference and underlined his concern.

Dr Vanualailai said anecdotal evidence suggested excessive use of technology had led to less reading and writing opportunities.

He said high school literacy rates were suffering and even the university had issues.

"Some of our graduates they cannot write proper English," he lamented.

"They have difficulties in numerical analysis, how to interpret data.

"But that is part and parcel of critical skills where you need to have the ability to critically analyse information and come up with a conclusion that is concrete and objective."

Dr Jito Vanualailai said USP was currently working with the University of Adelaide to create a programme to improve critical thinking.