22 Jun 2016

Nauru's 'limbo' MP says toll on family has been enormous

7:12 am on 22 June 2016

A Nauru MP who still can't travel due to a passport cancellation says he is stuck in limbo and unless there's a change of government there will be no end to his predicament.

Roland Kun was accused by the Justice Minister, David Adeang, for taking part in a protest outside parliament in June 2015.

However there have been no charges laid against Mr Kun, and his application to the Supreme Court was thrown out last year.

Mr Kun says the toll on his family has been enormous.

"It is very very difficult for the children. With Katy and myself, we find it easier to cope but only because we understand the state of mind of the people we are dealing with and their motivations. We can unpack all that, the children cannot do that, they are struggling with the whole issue, they don't understand why it's happening and they're questioning whether I'm deliberately choosing to stay away from them and that kind of thing is difficult."

Roland Kun says he is hoping his case and the treatment of his suspended colleagues will motivate Nauruans to change the government at the July 9 election.

Suspended Nauru MP Roland Kun with his family at home in New Zealand

Roland Kun has been away from his family in New Zealand for a year Photo: Supplied

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