27 Jun 2016

Treatment of Nauru MP separated from family, called 'evil'

7:56 am on 27 June 2016

A former President of Nauru says he's amazed there is little international reaction against the treatment of elected MPs in his country.

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido Photo: supplied

Ahead of a July 9 election, suspended MPs are running again despite concerns over their future.

Sprent Dabwido said while he and two other opposition MPs have been charged for their alleged role in a protest a year ago, another MP, Roland Kun, who faces no charges, has been prevented for a year from visiting his New Zealand based family.

He said Justice Minster David Adeang has been the driving force behind Mr Kun's treatment.

"Mr Adeang has done everything in his power to keep Mr Kun stuck here on the island so he doesn't fly out, so it's a real messy thing and a real evil thing this minister is doing. That's cruel, that's not even politics, that's just rubbish."

Sprent Dabwido said the MPs are due in court on August the 8th, a month after the election.

In September last year the New Zealand Government suspended its funding of Nauru's Justice sector.