13 Jul 2016

High rates of death from heart disease for Maori and Pasifika

8:15 am on 13 July 2016

A new study shows major ethnic inequalities in the risk of death from heart diseases in New Zealand with Maori and Pacific people having the highest rates.

In comparison to Europeans, the odds of death were about 50 percent higher in Maori and Pacific people and 50 percent lower in Indian people.

Cardiac researcher Corina Grey, said the study could help bring more effective targeting of resources to reduce cardiovascular inequalities in the country.

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Ms Grey said many of the deaths in Maori and Pacific populations were due to economic factors and could be prevented.

"When you don't have the financial resources you'll eat whatever you can afford," she said.

"And also, where you live can have an impact. So, we know that areas of high deprivation often have a high density of fast food outlets. And places that are less deprived have better access to fruit and vegetables."