PNG Police extra vigilant/arrest child for Facebook post

8:19 am on 15 July 2016
PNG Deputy Police Commissioner, Jim Andrews.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Jim Andrews. Photo: emtv

A senior police commander in Papua New Guinea says there have already been law and order issues resulting from the pressure coming on the government.

Deputy Police Commissioner Jim Andrews said police are closely monitoring political developments with a vote of no confidence scheduled for Friday afternoon and threats of nationwide strikes.

He said police will increase patrols and surveillance to stop what he calls opportunistic crimes.

Mr Andrews said they would also be stressing to people to consider the likely consequencese of a strike and how it would affect communities and livelihoods.

He said the 'heat' generated by political activists and advocates against the government has already developed into law and order problems around the country and it is vital police keep close tabs on what is happening.

Mr Andrews said they would not tolerate activities which threaten PNG's internal security.

Meanwhile the media watchdog group the Pacific Freedom Forum said the arrest of a 12 year old girl over a Facebook post is unbelievable.

Facebook showing on a phone and ipad.

Photo: 123RF

The PFF Chair Titi Gabi says police must immediately end the arrest and apologise to her family.

She asked 'what on earth were police thinking?'

Ms Gabi said the arrest again calls into question the judgement of the PNG police force.