2 Aug 2016

Nauru opposition MP stares down 'difficult battle'

3:03 pm on 2 August 2016

A re-elected Nauru opposition MP says he will bravely take the government to task, as a new term of parliament begins.

The opposition benches have been depleted since the July 9 election, with only three MPs not joining the government.

Two returning opposition MPs, Riddel Akua and Kieren Keke, were returned, and Sean Oppenheimer, a Nauru businessman, won the Ewa-Anetan constituency, helping to oust former president Marcus Stephen.

Mr Oppenheimer was not invited to form part of the government, so joins Mr Akua and Mr Keke as a default member of the opposition.

Riddel Akua said it will be a tough task but there are plenty of issues to campaign on.

"We're up against 15, that's going to be a difficult battle in terms of numbers, a very very difficult battle," he said.

"However, there's a lot of things that we need to push government to address. I said to the Speaker, they brought back the same people, I guess I'm saying you guys are just the same old guys and you're going to do the same old thing, so I'll be here waiting for you and challenging you for the next three years."

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