New Tahiti party launched in bid to find third way

5:01 pm on 22 August 2016

A former French Polynesian government minister has unveiled a new political party Tau Hoturau.

Tauhiti Nena, who was the education minister until 2013, told a news conference that the party's inaugural congress would be held on 1 October when more details would be released.

Mr Nena said his party would offer a third way and work towards creating a different society.

Political parties have been divided between pro-and anti-independence parties, with many of their leaders in charge for decades.

Tahiti politician Tauhiti Nena

Tahiti politician Tauhiti Nena Photo: AFP

He called for lower costs to run the territory and wants to push policies which use local resources to secure employment in outer islands.

Mr Nena, who was a member of the main pro-independence party, called for a 20-year pause in the development of the territory's status by adopting a process like in New Caledonia.

He said there should be 20-year window like with the Noumea Accord and then the people should decide what option to pursue - be it independence, an associated country, an autonomous territory or a French department.

Mr Nena said at the October congress his party would present its three candidates fo next year's French legislative elections.