23 Aug 2016

Twenty stranded on Pagan back on Saipan

9:27 am on 23 August 2016

A group of 20 people who were stranded on the Northern Marianas island of Pagan for nearly a week are back on Saipan.

Two tropical storms forced the group, including a documentary film crew and environmentalists, to stay on the island.

They travelled the 370 kilometre journey to see Pagan's biodiversity first hand as well as raise awareness about the US military's plans to create a live fire training range facility on the island.

The boat they went north with, the Super Emerald, was deemed too small and underpowered to make the journey back to Saipan safely.

They were picked up by a cargo vessel, the MV Luta arriving home on Friday.

The island of Pagan in the Northern Marianas.

The island of Pagan in the Northern Marianas. Photo: Peter J. Perez