24 Aug 2016

American Samoans praised for resilience during disasters

6:20 pm on 24 August 2016

American Samoan's have been praised by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency for their resilience and the way in which they care for people during disasters.

FEMA's Dr Ahsha Tribble on the right

FEMA's Dr Ahsha Tribble on the right Photo: RNZI.Monica Miller

Deputy Director of FEMA Ahsha Tribble led a group of about two dozen FEMA officials to American Samoa last week for a disaster exercise code-named Hurricane Matagi ma Savili.

All local first responders were involved in the exercise which simulated a category 5 hurricane.

The drill included registering people who needed assistance and transporting and housing them in shelters.

It also focused on disseminating timely and accurate information about the storm.

Dr. Tribble said the Samoa social structure was ideal for getting help to disaster victims.

"It is so wonderful to see the discipline here and how you treat one another and the respect you have for one another. And you don't always see that in the states, I will be honest with you. And I think we learned from that how to work with people. It was very easy to work side by side with somebody from the American Samoa Government. It was very very well received," said Ahsha Tribble.