26 Aug 2016

Competitor needed on Samoa route

10:56 am on 26 August 2016

The chief of a startup airline in Samoa says there is a need for a competitor in the region.

Talofa Airways opened its ticket office this week and its first flight will take off on Tuesday.

One of Talofa Airways Twin Commander aircraft

One of Talofa Airways Twin Commander aircraft Photo: RNZI/Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

Its chief executive Jeffrey Hunter said Polynesian Airlines is the only other carrier currently operating between the Samoas and having a competitor will save the travelling public from delays.

"The inconvenience with one airline flying around this area here, if their airplanes are not operating for any defect reasons then the people are stranded. So its always good to have two airlines if one is down the other one is picking up the stranded passengers that's what we do we take people from A to B."

Mr Hunter said Polynesian Airlines sometimes struggles to meet demand and there is enough business for both airlines.

Polynesian Airlines responded saying it is ready to meet the challenge of a new competitor and is working to improve its services.

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