30 Aug 2016

British MPs on Norfolk Island factfinding trip

11:41 am on 30 August 2016

A delegation of British MPs is visiting Norfolk Island this week at the invitation of the opponents of the Australian take-over of the island.

Protest on Norfolk Island

Hundreds of Norfolk Islanders marched through the streets last September protesting against the Australian Government's decision to end the Island's 36 years of self government. Photo: SUPPLIED

Norfolk's limited self government was removed a year ago by Canberra and replaced last month by a regional council.

The changes have infuriated many on Norfolk Island who have been battling for more than a year to change the minds of Australian politicians.

The five MPs were invited by to Norfolk by the People for Democracy group, which made a plea at Westminster last year for Britain not to forget about the island.

People for Democracy claim the process to remove self-government was based on misleading and flawed data and was opposed by most Norfolk Islanders.

It said Australia merely had an administrative role and no right to assume the level of control it has.

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