8 Sep 2016

Fijians urged to re-read the constitution

1:27 pm on 8 September 2016

Fiji's president has urged Fijians to read and re-read the constitution because it is relevant for every Fijian.

Jioji Konrote was speaking in Suva to mark Constitution Day.

The President of Fiji, Jioji Konrote.

The President of Fiji, Jioji Konrote. Photo: RNZI / Sally Round

He said it is not a document gathering dust on a lawyer's shelf, but a living document and one for successive generations to cherish and to defend.

The country's fourth constitution was imposed by the post-coup regime three years ago after it had abrogated the 1997 constitution.

The document was drawn up by the regime after it dumped the 2012 draft drawn up by the Yash Ghai-led Constitution Commission.

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