16 Sep 2016

New Caledonia govt adopts plan to grow employment

2:58 pm on 16 September 2016

New Caledonia's government has introduced a new plan to reduce unemployment.

The plan aims both to curb the negative effects from the slump in the nickel sector on employment, and secondly to support struggling companies and employees who lost their jobs.

According to the government's leading party, Caledonia Together, the Local Emergency Plan of Support for Employment is to be implemented in partnership with the three provinces.

It was presented this week by the President Philippe Germain, and the government spokesman on Labour and Empoyment, Jean-Louis Anglebermes.

They said the plan adopts a number of measures, including the extension of partial unemployment measures and support for training or retraining of redundant employees.

Furthermore, the government said the plan will improve and facilitate the conditions for granting loans which help businesses and employees.

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