26 Sep 2016

Sport: Milestone election for Oceania Football

1:17 pm on 26 September 2016

The Oceania Football Confederation now has three candidates on the FIFA Council, following the election of Sandra Fruean and Lee Harmon.

Fruean, vice-president of Football Federation American Samoa, was elected as the OFC Female Member to the Council following a secret ballot.

"Words are not enough to express how much I would like to thank you for your support," she told gathered delegates.

"I am well prepared to serve on the council and I will be working hard to represent our confederation's interests. I will give my utmost dedication to this role and I will bring my strong working ethic.

"To my parents Senator Tuaolo Manaia and Pa'i Fruean, and my children, those at Nana's Inc. and all my colleagues at DHSS back home in American Samoa, I heard your prayers and felt your presence here with me today and have to thank you also for always supporting me in my pursuit to grow the game in American Samoa and Oceania."

OFC President David Chung, FFAS Vice-President Sandra Fruean and CIFA President Lee Harmon.

OFC President David Chung, FFAS Vice-President Sandra Fruean and CIFA President Lee Harmon. Photo: OFC via Phototek

Harmon, Cook Islands Football Association President, was appointed following the withdrawal of Fiji's Rajesh Patel.

"I would like to thank the Member Associations for supporting me, and I would like to thank Rajesh for showing solidarity and unity for the benefit of Oceania in his support of my candidature," he said.

"Going forward, for all matters concerning the Oceania Football Confederation I, along with Sandra and the OFC President Mr. Chung, will be sure to consult all our members before taking any decisions on your behalf."

OFC President David Chung retained his role as FIFA Vice-President and said the elections marked an historic milestone for the Confederation.

"It is clear that three voices will be louder than one, so we can only hope that the decisions taken today will mean the voice of Oceania and its members will continue to be heard," Chung said.