29 Sep 2016

Farming breakthrough for Pacific agriculture

2:08 pm on 29 September 2016

A farmer field school in Tonga is being described as a major breakthrough for agriculture in the Pacific.

More than 20 farmers from 'Eua Island in Tonga have gained a certificate in horticulture after graduating from the school.

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Cassava or manioke is commonly grown in Tonga. Photo: 123RF

The school was funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development as part of a four-million US dollar rural innovation project for Tonga.

IFAD Regional Coordinator Sakiusa Tubuna said it provides hands on training with a demonstration plot used to test new methods and the farmers are already reaping the rewards

"Most of the farmers have told us that their income has doubled by applying the technology, by applying the agronomical practices. It has improved the way they do agriculture in the islands."

Mr Tubuna said the field school is cost-effective training which will be rolled out to other parts of Tonga and the Pacific.