11 Oct 2016

PNA pushes small scale fish canning

2:31 pm on 11 October 2016

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement is encouraging Pacific entrepreneurs to enter the canning business in order to make better use of resources and provide greater food security.

This week the PNA is hosting a workshop in the Marshall Islands to certify prospective canners so that operations can be launched in several member nations.

PNA CEO Ludwig Kumoru said the aim is to help boost small business opportunities.

Business and government fisheries department representatives attending a tuna canning training in Majuro received a tour of the Pan Pacific Foods tuna loining plant.

Attendants from the tuna canning training in Majuro receive a tour of the Pan Pacific Foods tuna loining plant. Photo: Hilary Hosia

Mr Kumoru said canning product would also aid food security in areas where there is no power.

He said undersized skipjack tuna, rainbow runners and other fish is often found in the bycatch of vessels.

"So there is a lot of fish that the canneries don't need. That is one of the objectives, to make use of the product that is coming out of the fishing boats in the transhipment hubs so that can now be utilised by people who are thinking entrepreneurial."

Mr Kumoru said in the long-term the small operations could expand to canning other product like fruit.