19 Oct 2016

Fiji opposition calls for USP Vice-Chancellor to resign

7:50 am on 19 October 2016

A Fiji opposition MP has called for the resignation of the Vice Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific over an email threatening to deregister students last week.

The acting Vice Chancellor, Richard Coll, told students on Friday afternoon they would be deregistered on Monday if they hadn't paid all all fees for tuition, accommodation and services.

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Mikaele Leawere wants the top staff at USP to resign Photo: twitter

Mikaele Leawere said it's cruel and badly timed with students stressed about upcoming exams.

He said the university should simply withhold exam results until invoices are paid.

Mr Leawere said the Vice Chancellor, Dr Rajesh Chandra, and Professor Coll should step down.

"I am asking for them to step down because this is not good," he said.

"I feel very strongly about it because most of these parents, they come from a low socio-economic bracket.

"I just don't know how they have arrived at this decision. It's very very cruel to the students, absolutely it's very cruel. They should think about where they are sitting, they should resign."