PNG PM says he will deliver 'measured' budget

6:47 pm on 24 October 2016

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister says his government will deliver a 'measured' and 'cautious' 2017 budget next week.

The Post Courier reports Mr O'Neill as saying the global economic downturn has reducing national income, but he also won't follow past governments and attempt to "buy re-election".

Mr O'Neill said voters are now more sophisticated than they used to be and can tell when a political promise is just a charade for votes.

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Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta

He attacked former prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta, who he says sacked half the public service and delivered a budget in 2001 in an attempt to gain votes.

Sir Mekere has been a vocal critic of the government and Mr O'Neill's handling of the Sustainable Development Programme.

In July, Sir Mekere said Mr O'Neill should resign for behaving increasingly like a dictator and showing total disregard for the law.

Mr O'Neill says he has delivered one million more children into school, expanded universal healthcare and rebuilt hospitals, as well as trained more police.