7 Nov 2016

Tonga to examine rights of people with disabilities

7:25 am on 7 November 2016

Tonga's justice system will open up public discussion this week on ratifying the Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The country is celebrating it's annual 'Law Week' and the Attorney General's Office will inform the public of the rights provided in the convention which Tonga has signed, and how it can be applied in Tonga.

Ofeina Leka, President of Tonga's National Visual Impairment organisation, says less than one percent of people living with a disability in Tonga have access to education.

He says they also make up the largest proportion of people living in poverty in the country.

Mr Leka says ratifying the convention is desperately needed.

"That's how important that we need the convention to be ratified because people with disabilities have a rights to [be] educated, have a rights to [be] employed, have a rights to have their own family, have a right to make a choice."

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Photo: 123 RF