Republicans successful in CNMI poll

5:32 pm on 9 November 2016
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Photo: 123RF

Republicans have performed strongly in unofficial local election results in the Northern Marianas.

The party has secured 15 of the 20 seats in the lower house, and swept all three seats in the Senate.

Our correspondent Mark Rabago said the party already controlled the House of Representatives as some independents were silent Republicans who have now switched sides.

He said the Republican Governor would now be able to maintain an alliance with the legislature.

"It's not much of a difference. It just reaffirms the people's support for the new Governor Ralph Torres and his policies which the past couple of year's the CNMI's economic recovery has gone up on a very positive tangent. So it's a referendum on his leadership and he's passed it with flying colours."

But Mark Rabago says the result will not be confirmed until off-island votes are known in a few days.

The CNMI's non-voting delegate to Congress Gregorio Kilili Sablan has been reelected unopposed.