17 Nov 2016

Clarity on MP numbers in PNG political parties

8:09 am on 17 November 2016

There's finally some clarity on how many MPs the major political parties in Papua New Guinea have.

The newspaper, The National, reports that an updated list of members of political parties has been provided by the Registry of Political Parties.

As expected, the People's National Congress of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is by far the biggest party with 52 MPs in the 111-seat parliament.

Since the last general election four years ago, 25 MPs have joined the PNC, giving it the edge heading into next year's election.

As well as MPs defecting from their parties, a large number of independents have joined the PNC ranks in the past few years.

The next biggest party is another government coalition party, the National Alliance Party, which has 11 MPs.

Three parties - United Resources Party, People's Progress Party and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party - each have seven, the last of these parties being in the opposition.

The People's Party has four MPs, while parties with two MPs each are the New Generation Party, People's Democratic Party, Pangu Pati and PNG Party.

According to the Registrar of Political Parties, Dr Alphonse Gelu, any disputes relating to membership of elected MPs must be brought to the attention of the Registry as soon as possible.