18 Nov 2016

US election result presents uncertain outlook for American Samoa

7:42 am on 18 November 2016

American Samoa's Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has told a cabinet meeting that the results of the US elections present an uncertain economic outlook for the territory.

The governor said it was not going to be an easy relationship with the Federal Government and it was time for American Samoa to push on its own and not wait for the federal government to make decisions.

Yesterday was the first meeting between the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and Directors since last Tuesday's elections. The governor expressed his gratitude to those who were heavily involved in the election and for their success at the polls.

While the sweet taste of victory is in their hands, Governor Lolo pointed out that the operation of government is more difficult than ever.

He said their success in the elections comes with demanding expectations from the territory.

Lolo told directors their work is going to be more challenging and difficult than before with the change in leadership at the White House.

He conveyed that he has faith in them and they should have the courage and use their gift from God for the task that lies ahead, Governor Lolo also asked the cabinet not to dwell in the past and let bygones be bygones.