Tahiti's Flosse congratulates Trump

2:05 pm on 18 November 2016

The leader of French Polynesia's opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira party Gaston Flosse says he and the people of French Polynesia would be honoured if the US president-elect Donald Trump stopped by in Tahiti on his journeys in the Pacific.

Tahoeraa congratulates Donald Trump

Tahoeraa congratulates Donald Trump Photo: Tahiti-Today

In a letter congratulating Mr Trump on his election victory, Flosse addressed him as a friend and said he had an excellent memory of when they met in his offices in the Trump Tower in New York.

Flosse says he wishes him every success in the exercise of his mandate to make America great again.

He also says it is more important than ever to strengthen trans-Pacific relations.

Flosse adds that he is himself also campaigning for French Polynesia's presidential election in 2018.

Flosse has been barred from public office for more than two years because of a corruption conviction but hopes to be able to eligible again for the 2018 territorial election.

Gaston Flosse

Gaston Flosse Photo: AFP