21 Nov 2016

Further call for all Kanaks to be on New Caledonia roll

4:21 pm on 21 November 2016

New Caledonia's Labour Party has added its voice calling for the automatic registration of all Kanaks on the restricted roll being drawn up for the independence referendum due by 2018.

The Labour Party's call reflects demands already made by the larger pro-independence parties.

At a party meeting, the Labour leader Louis Kotra Uregei said if not all Kanaks vote, the referendum outcome is rigged.

He said 2018 when the Noumea Accord expires it will be the territory's meeting with history.

Two weeks ago at a meeting of the territory's leaders with the French prime minister in Paris, no consensus was reached on the final make-up of the roll.

The pro-independence camp said the United Nations affirmed in 1960 that all people were allowed to determine their political status.

It added that the indigenous people had been generous in sharing its right to self-determination with those who have also made New Caledonia their country.

There are claims that about 25,000 Kanaks are not on the general roll although there are suggestions that the figure is exaggerated.

Online test for eligibility in New Caledonia independence referendum

Online test for eligibility in New Caledonia independence referendum Photo: French government