24 Nov 2016

US climate change policy fluid - US diplomat

3:16 pm on 24 November 2016

The US ambassador in Fiji Judith Cefkin says she would caution against pre-judging what the incoming president's policy on climate change will be.

During the presidential campaign Donald Trump described climate change a hoax perpetrated by China, was opposed the climate change agreement and proposed resuming large-scale coal mining.

Fiji's prime minister Frank Bainimarama said Mr Trump must be persuaded to change his mind because without America the battle against climate change is doomed.

The US ambassador to Fiji, Judith Cefkin

The US ambassador to Fiji, Judith Cefkin Photo: twitter

Ms Cefkin has told the Fiji Sun many voices are giving Mr Trump advice,

She said she will be informing him and the government about the views in Fiji and the Pacific.

Ms Cefkin also said Fiji has shown leadership in being chosen to preside over COP23 next year.

Mr Bainimarama had asked local diplomats to help fund Fiji to take the lead role.