9 Dec 2016

CNMI Senate passes salary hike for elected officials

6:19 am on 9 December 2016

Politicians and judges in the Northern Marianas are very close to securing huge wage increases.

A measure that would increase the wages of elected officials by up to 80-percent increase is now just waiting on the signature of Governor Ralph Torres after both the House and the Senate passed the bill.

Under the bill, the governor's salary will from $US70,000 to $US120,000, the lieutenant governor from $US60,000 to $US100,000, mayors from $US43,200 to $US100,000, and House and Senate members from $US39,000 to $US70,000.

Governor Torres is expected to approve the bill as his administration believes a big lift in salaries is appropriate because the last adjustment happened 25 yeas ago.