15 Dec 2016

Nauru looks to future achievement with faster network

3:45 pm on 15 December 2016

Nauru's government says the introduction of a new 4G connectivity network will have far reaching and profound benefits to the nation.

Digicel Pacific and its satellite partner O3b Networks have signed an agreement to increase satellite capacity to bring mobile 4G and LTE connectivity to Nauru.

A branch office of Pacific mobile operator, Digicel, in Vanuatu's capital Port Vila.

Photo: RNZI / Jamie Tahana

Some customers are already linked in to the network which is far quicker than what Nauruans have been previously using.

Infrastructure for the 4G network began in Nauru in May and was completed with the installation of new hardware on the communications tower at Command Ridge.

The Minister of Telecommunications Shadlog Bernicke said the introduction of 4G technology would effect improved business, education and health outcomes.

He said Nauru would be able to achieve so much more as it transitioned into the digitised international community and the global economy via this technology.

"This is a tremendous development for every Nauruan," said Mr Bernicke.

He added that Nauru would no longer feel the effects of isolation with the 4G network capable of linking friends and family from all parts of the world quickly,

The Minister said health workers and educators particularly would now have online access to resources and assistance previously not available.

"It has been worth the wait and I know Nauruans will be extremely keen to take advantage of the improved network with faster internet speeds and more reliable connections."