16 Dec 2016

Vanuatu laws need strengthening to defeat violence, says chief

7:28 am on 16 December 2016

The chairman of Port Vila's Town Council of Chiefs says today's march through the Vanuatu capital aims to unite all provinces against violence.

A killing and related injuries last month in Port Vila prompted the call for action.

Chief Isaac Warwor said he expects around 500 people from Vanuatu's Christian Council, other chiefs groups, women's organisations and the National youth council at the march.

He said Vanuatu kastom and the law both need strengthening to help defeat violence.

"If somebody's dead it's simple, the law has to come in to penalise who did the action, but the kastom has to also come in to make sure we always have peace," he said.

Chief Worwor said the march would finish at the Nakamol, a traditional meeting place, with a plea to Government and a kastom agreement signing aimed at enhancing Vanuatu justice.

Kastom is used to refer to traditional culture, including religion, economics, art and magic in Melanesia.