23 Dec 2016

NZ Fiji Business Council says relationship at all time high

8:30 am on 23 December 2016

The New Zealand Fiji Business Council says it is business as usual for the relationship between the two countries despite land laws affecting foreign landowners.

Law changes require foreign landowners in Fiji to build a $US120,000 house within two years or face significant fines or imprisonment.

New Zealand citizens are among those who have criticised the legislation, but the Council said none of its members have raised it as an issue.

Council President Chandar Sen said the trade relationship between Fiji and New Zealand is at an all time high.

"We're heading towards a billion dollars. It's not an economy that anyone would want to sort of shy away from. And the New Zealand Government which is the line we follow as a business entity has no issue with any of the laws in Fiji."

Chandar Sen said the group of people who have a problem with the land laws may be small and they should engage in dialogue to resolve it.