30 Dec 2016

New Caledonia Congress votes for tax reforms in 2017

8:46 pm on 30 December 2016

New Caledonia's Congress has voted for a tax reform due to come into effect next year after rejecting a push to have it deferred.

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The reform was first adopted by the Congress at the start of the month and is set to cut the taxes of nine out of ten households by up to 67 percent.

However, the Republicans and the Union for Caledonia in France parties asked just before Christmas for a fresh Congress vote.

They also proposed amendments, but today's session upheld the earlier Congress decision.

The attempt to stall the reform was widely criticised, with the unions likening the move to sabotage and a rival party describing it as a financial coup.

The Republicans were accused of wanting to spare the top three percent of earners from having to pay more.